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Awesome players, Active Admins, '4KGamers' Server will be the last server you play on! RolePlay,Grand Exchange, Jail,Bounties,Kits,Noob Friendly, Hackers Banned, Haters Dealt with immediately ! Your Guild Can Have Thier Own Team Speak Channel! 
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The New Alpha 18 Server is Updated and running. We have had alot of visitors  while we are still re-building our site after the wipe. Plugins should now be working, GE is a safetrade zone. Type  /rules and scroll up for the official rules.


Server currently running Alpha 21 , we are trying out a new plugin "War Tracker" where you must declare war on another players guild before you can attack them. Also Voter Rewards have been added. Fishing gear, Totems,Shields are now available to buy in the Grand Exchange . There is also a No Attack Zone around the GE. So there is no PVP while in the GE.







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