/Rules - Hit enter twice , you may still have yo scroll up for complete list.


       Grand Exchange Plugin


            /store  - opens the store.


            /buy    - buy an item from the exchange.


            /sell   - sell an item for gold.


            /wallet - See How Much Gold you have.


            /shophelp  - List all shop commands

            /shop  - View the current shop you are visiting. 

            /myshop  - View your own shop. (Must be in the area of your shop)

            /addshopmarker  - Add a marker to create your own shop (Max size of shop - 13x13 blocks)

            /removeshopmarkers  - Remove any markers you have made previously.

            /addshopitem  <itemname> <amount>  - Add items to your shop stock.

            /removeshopitem  <itemname>  <amount>  - Remove items from your shop stock.

            /setitemprice <itemname>  <amount>  - Set the price for your shop items.





         Bounty Plugin


            /SetBounty - Opens A Dialogue to set a bounty on someone! Must have the reward items in inventory to set bounty!


            /Bounties  - Shows all active bounties.





         GuildInfo Plugin


            /guildinfo  <player_name>  - shows infomation about the players guild. 





         Kits Plugin


            /kitlist  -shows a list of kits.


            /kit <kit name>  -give eligble player that kit.


             /kit kit  - to recieve your kit





          Vote Checker Plugin


            /getreward - Get your unclaimed reward (Automatically given when connected)


            /rewards     - View all rewards





           Jail Plugin



            /Jail "Player"  # - This command will send the Player to jail for # seconds. Player name is case-sensitive.

            /Free "Player" - This command will release the player from jail before their sentence is up.

            /Loc - This command is only available to Admins and Moderators. Used to show your current coordinates.



          update Plugin


               /update.check  -  (allows player to run the update check)

                                             Ex. oxide.grant user Wulf update.check

                                             Ex. oxide.revoke user Wulf update.check

                                             Ex. oxide.grant group admin update.check